August — 2013 — Carolina Bettencourt - Curious Person & Designer

Invigorating Berlin

Berlin was a visit to my long time Erasmus friends Max and Peter, and a city I’ve been wanting to meet for years. Despite being a very short trip, it was extremely invigorating and I came to like Berlin more and more each day.    

North Pole it is!

Invited by NiTiN (Nordisk Institutt for Trening og Internasjonalt Nettverk) I participated in a five days Partnership Building Activity about global challenges and Climate change in Longyerbyen (this is in Svalbard, Norway, very close to Greenland and already in the North Pole). This was a unique, unforgettable and AMAZING experience! …

Farewell Gifts

I’m still not sure what to say about leaving Macau after 4 years. What I can say without a doubt is that I left there some really good friends. I wanted to leave a gift to some of them, a piece designed by me that they could hang on their …