50 Weeks of Green (see what I did there?) — Carolina Bettencourt - Curious Person & Designer

50 Weeks of Green (see what I did there?)

My current business cards present me as a Curious Person & Designer.
What most people don’t understand in the first premise is that “Curious Person” is not just something I wrote in order to sound interesting.

I was curious about bakeries so…I managed to make bread for a few hours in a bakery one night.
I was curious about countries like Greece, Costa Rica or Lebanon so…I went there. To some of them alone.
I was curious about cats so…I adopted one.
I was curious about event planning so…I produced one for 150 people.
I was curious about hitchhiking so…I put my thumb up for 3Km trips and for almost 2000Km.
I was curious about knitting so…I learned different techniques until I could make a sweater.
I was curious about Buddhism so…I went to volunteer in a Buddhist temple in the UK for a week.
I was curious about permaculture so…I went to live on a farm for a year.

That year is over now.

So many feelings, so many moments, so many people, so many jokes, so many thoughts, so many words. Even if they don’t show the intensity of it all, these pictures are what I have to better sum up this adventure.

Now…another adventure begins! And the curiosity is not fading, quite the opposite. I’m curious about Bhutan, carpentry, seeds, trash collection, screen printing and many other subjects.

PS: I’m looking for freelance work, let me know if you have an idea for something exciting! And if it’s not exciting…we’ll make it!


First week!

Cléo every morning while we’re cooking breakfast

House renovation skills going up


First of many crochet beanies

Sweet sweet sweet Flor, our mascot

My second bread made from scratch


Holidays in Portugal

The very first sign of Spring and hope after a long Winter

And with Spring came sowing and planting

Biggest cookie ever

Some eggs are just different

One of the most beautiful days I had here

The field where we go to stretch, walk, pick wild mushrooms, run with dogs

The tastiest Blondie berries

Surprisingly, had very few accidents

What? Purple peas?

Summer joys

More than 50 varieties of tomatoes

Tomatoes in an amazing array of colours, shapes, textures, flavours, sizes and, the most surprising, some even had spikes (in the background on the left)

Groups visiting and staying for several days either to learn or to work with us

Mirabelle, the tastiest jam of the year

Oh the Belgian beers…and the sometimes huge, sometimes tiny glasses!

Visits to other projects of permaculture in Belgium that open extra worlds of possibilities

Mijn liefde en Nederlandse leraar :)


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