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Finally an update!

Finally an update!

It’s been a long time but I finally managed to do all the new project updates and redesign my CV. I’m going to drink to that. A lot. But not all in the same day. Hum.

Since I’m writing, I’d like to let you know I’ll be focusing on Permaculture for the next year or so from September on. However, I’ll still be happily taking freelance work (with an extra dose of inspiration) so feel free to contact me at in case you feel there’s something I can help you with, I’m always into new projects! And don’t worry, I always end up giving a discount for some reason!

And just because I feel no one reads me, which is totally deserved, please give me a shoutout by email/contact form saying you’re there and let me know if you’d like to get updates on my new journey here on the blog!

(Below you can find the new projects so feel free to click and surf around!)

Food Waste Infographics  TWFSC  Club Privé  Delta Bridges  Aus Liebe zum Essen  traincrowd  Good for Me, Good for the Planet  My Food 30  Meg Meg  Delta Bridges Cover Design 2015  ANDRÉ ♥ SUELI


  1. Yeah keep on writing! Every good story told will find a great full reader.
    Very nice works here in your portofolio…….
    Would like to here about your new adventure in the permaculture world.
    greetings from tinos

    • Hey Niko, thank you so much for all the support from the other side, new post will come up in two days :)

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